La Fusta NJ Steak House

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La Fusta NJ Steak House


Our Delicious story

La Fusta NJ steak house Restaurant began in 2004 as a small restaurant.

and quickly built a reputation for delicious and affordable food. Our quality and the taste of our food spoke for itself. We quickly became the premier catering service in the North Bergen area, while our business has grown over the years.

La Fusta NJ  is open for best bondage dating sites, seven days a week.

Steak House-Fillet- Mignon

Featured Delicacies

fresh from the grill


All Natural Charcoal

Fillete a la Parrilla

Grilled Shell Steak


Pollo entero a la parrilla

Grilled Whole Chicken

Whole-Chicken-Grilled-Steak house

Buenos Aires Paradise

Buenos Aires Paradise

Steak House-buenos-aires-paradise

Media Porcion Churrasco

1/2 Grilled Skirt Steak


Parrillada a la Americana

La Fusta American Grill

Steak house-mixed-Special

Ternera Rellena a la Parrilla

Stuffed Veal Grilled

Steak house-Stuffed-Veal
La Fusta Steak House

About the Grill

1. Taste

Let’s get it out of the way now because the smokey, tender taste you get from charcoal grills can’t be achieved with gas or electric ones. If you think we’re yanking your chain, consider this: about 71% of American grillers give their nod of approval to charcoal grills and smokers because of the improved flavor.

In your face, electric and gas lovers.

2. Great Control

Those steaks are cooking way faster than the potatoes! Whatever should you do? If you have a capsule-shaped PK Grill, it’s pretty simple: move the steaks over to the cool side, away from the charcoal. Your steak can rest and continue to absorb those smokey flavors. You can cook an assortment of food on a single charcoal grill with ease.

La Fusta Steak House delivers an extraordinary experience to guests: stunning settings and a vibrant energy, the freshest seafood and a premium selection of wine, all of which is offered with exceptional service.


Enjoy wide variety of drinks

Try Our Wine Selections

They all our food

We keep an awesome place for a great taste.

"Most amazing I ever had!!"

- Steven G

"Amazing taste, and juicy steaks!! Best ever!!"

- Sandra Martinez

"I always visit here, and they always surprise me with a new dish!! Highly recommended."

- Robert W

"A must visit for every steak lover"

- Manuela P

Let's eat.


Beforehand thank you for choosing us, our restaurant is Located in North Bergen, New Jersey where we expect to see you soon.

Or call us : 201 770 1950

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