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Serving best steaks  since 2004

The quality and the taste of our food spoke for itself


La Fusta NJ steak house Restaurant began in 2004 as a small restaurant and quickly built a reputation for delicious and affordable food.

Our quality and the taste of our food spoke for itself. We quickly became the premier catering service in the North Bergen area, while our business has grown over the years, the focus on Argentina cuisine and international high-quality food, is our goal. We still make every recipe from scratch, fresh for each order. In addition we keep an awesome place for a great taste.

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Serving best Steaks since 2004

Parties & Holidays

Lunch, Diner and Coffee break

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Business Meetings

VIP Lounge

Gourmet Store

Dips, Dressings, Desserts and Sauces

Free WiFi for everyone

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Licensed to Grill

Our Filet Mignons come from the heart of the beef tenderloin. This elegant cut is
guaranteed to impress with its exceptional taste and texture

Hello Dear

We are La Fusta Steak House Restaurant !

La Fusta NJ has the perfect place to enjoy fine food and great wine selection with excellent service, in comfortable atmospheric surroundings. We have a soft dining room, and a lovely awesome bar.


Let's eat.


We are open for lunch and dinner every day of the week, and we encourage you to stop by for a meal. If you are eating on the go, place an order for carryout.

Or call us : 201 770 1950

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